Crypto Exchanges: Where To Sign Up?

Which cryptocurrency exchange should I use? List of best platforms for trading crypto on spot or futures: Bybit, Delta, Binance, and KuCoin.
Crypto Exchanges: Where To Sign Up?
Photo by Dylan Calluy / Unsplash

Keep being asked where I like to trade, so here is a quick list of my favourite crypto exchanges. These are trading platforms I use on a regular basis, so thoughts are all from experience. Sign up with the referral link for atleast a 10% discount on your trading fees.

Update 14/11/2022: Obviously I've removed FTX from my recommendations, given they went bankrupt. It was my favourite exchange for day trading, so I took a big hit. Not out of the game but definitely taking a break. With hindsight I should have had less of my portfolio there. Best practice is to spread out across multiple CEXs, along with keeping a big chunk of your portfolio in cold storage.

  • Bybit - Currently, this is my favourite platform and feel its the best crypto trading platform for futures. Especially recommend Bybit if your style is more intra day trades and quick scalps. The orderbooks are active with many participants, meaning you won't have a problem to fill market buy and sell orders quickly. So no issues to enter and exit positions on the fly when market conditions are choppy. How many times have we clicked buy or sell on FTX just to see the order fill 30 seconds later? In crypto that can mean a big difference in your entry/exit price. Plus, Bybit has just as many perpetual contracts as Binance, so you can trade a whole range of altcoins with leverage. Their UI is extremely easy to (pretty much a mirror of Binance) and their mobile App works smoothly. Bybit are also great at regularly rewarding you for trading on their platform and feature generous sign up bonuses.
  • Delta Exchange - I use Delta more for a degen account, where I take more risk with a smaller account size. Positives is you can sign up in a couple minutes without needing any KYC or verification requirements. And will earn DETO tokens as rewards for trading. Also has some generous bonuses for your first deposit! Drawback is much lower volume & liquidity than the bigger CEXs so bear that in mind. One thing to check out Delta for though is their growing Options trading, its one of the only platforms where you can buy puts or calls on altcoins.
  • Binance - Pretty much everyone knows Binance as the number 1 cryptocurrency exchange, so it shouldn't need an introduction. The UI is great easy to understand, and their mobile app runs smoothly. Personally, I don't trade on Binance as much as before because their futures platform is no longer available for France. That being said it has the most Altcoin pairs, along with BTC pairs. This is great for when you believe an Altcoin will outperform Bitcoin in the short-term. So your strategy will be to sell the token to increase your BTC holdings. They've also been making big strides for fiat deposits and withdrawals, EU users can do this via a SEPA transfer for a small fee. Their spot orderbooks run deep so you don't have to worry about big spreads eating up your potential profits. Another plus for having a Binance account is signing up for their crypto debit card.
  • KuCoin - I don't trade on a daily basis on KuCoin, its my go-to place to find lower cap gems where the idea is to hold for a couple of months. KuCoin is a little more relaxed on their listing requirements so generally coins will list here before ending up on bigger platforms such as Binance. That being said the platform is steadily growing&attracting users so I do know plenty of traders that use KuCoin as their main spot/futures account.

That's it! No point spreading your portfolio across too many exchanges, then it will become too tricky to manage. Thoughts? Hop in our discord and let me know!