What is Oraichain? Oracle platform for connecting smart contracts with Artificial Intelligence models. Powered by ORAI token for payments.

What is UniBright? A blockchain for business focused project. Read through our UniBright overview and UBT token review to learn more.

What is DAOstack? The future of collaboration with GEN token. DAOstack is an open platform for decentralized governance. Read through our GEN token review.

What is Aergo Chain? The Blockchain for Business, designed for enterprise and government use cases. Provides LUA and SQL support in its smart contract language.

What is SpaceSwap? Farm MILK2 make SHAKE. A DeFi farming protocol that leverages Uniswap to focus on creating long term value.

Lido plans to make staked ETH 2.0 liquid for DeFi via use of the bETH token. Users will receive 1:1 their staked ETH and earn the rewards.

What is Flamingo Finance? A complete DeFi platform powered by NEO, offering token swaps, money markets, leverage trading, and rewards in FLM tokens.

Interview with Richard Yan from Vite Labs, discussing how Team Vite operates, benefits of trading with zero fees on ViteX, and growing community excitement around Vite Gateway 2.0 upgrades.

Interview with Team Dock before their mainnet launch discussing the project's vision, use cases for verifiable credentials, future plans, and more. Enjoy reading!

iExec selected by the European Commission to build Next-Generation Internet. A new initiative with the OntoChain framework which aims to re-shape the internet.

What is Darwinia Network? Cross-chain transfers for all. Here we review Darwinia's cross chain solutions, a look at their tokenomics with RING and KTON staking. Mainnet soon!

What is ETHVerse? Meet the virtual world game built on Minecraft, powered by Ethereum. Monetize your imagination!