Bitcoin looking fragile and Ethereum even more so, as usual Altcoins are waiting with baited breath for BTC to send us a sign.

It appears the whole industry is checking the price of BNB, CAKE, XVS, and SXP every five minutes. Meanwhile ETH is still... yep.

All time highs for hundreds of different coins. Don't let your vision become too blurry, as markets get heavier, be sure to balance your greed!

Latest dExplain newsletter looks at a potential partnership between Litecoin and Cardano, along with exploring DeFi app Frontier.

Litecoin and Cardano continue to talk partnership over a Velvet Fork for Cross-Chain compatibility. Will we see DeFi and smart contracts for LTC?

Latest dExplain newsletter covering Cardano, Ergo, Loopring, Lition, and ETHVerse. Enjoy reading!

Cardano is building a DeFi Stablecoin on Ergo. Upcoming DeFi products will be announced, using the new Emurgo/Ergo decentralized oracle pools.