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Bitcoin's price range continues to tighten with a bullish pennant forming on the 1H, volume and volatility are low, explosive movement ahead?

So when are we allowed to get perma-bullish again? Bitcoin’s range continues to tighten up, just look at this pennant on the 1H, while volatility and volume are averaging out. The market looks to be setting up an explosive movement. I still believe the point of control for the bulls to flip is ~35k, if it happens then I am leaning towards the price rocketing into 37-40k quite easily. However, if we test 30k again and it breaks, then expect to see a violent cascade downwards.

Meanwhile, Ethereum core devs have set a proposed block date for the London upgrade to mainnet, this will contain EIP1559. Looks like it will happen in early August around the 4th, set the calendars!

Where to trade?

Here are my favourite crypto exchanges, use the referral link for atleast a 10% discount on your trading fees.

  • Bybit - Currently, this is my favourite platform! Great liquidity and bonuses for deposits.
  • Delta Exchange - Good for a degen account, no KYC required but low liquidity.
  • Binance - Lots and lots of spot altcoin pairs, especially BTC pairs.
  • KuCoin - Great for longer small cap holds.

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NFT Spotlight

Be sure to check the listing to view the digital crypto artwork in its full glory, as some art is animated or contains audio.

Kittball 006 / Temporal Bear

The Kittball Collection is a creative collaboration put together by Germany’s top House Music label Kittball Records and artist mendezmendez. The collection is made of 30+ of the best artworks created by mendezmendez for Kittball.

NFT News

  • Instagram: Buying and selling of NFTs directly on Instagram is being seen as a revolutionary step forward for the crypto art scene, no official date yet but there have been mentionings of a payments section coming to the app soon enough. Stay tuned!
  • Axies: If you’re still scratching your head over why/how AXS pump appears to be saving the whole crypto market, check out this thread on Twitter. Very good read.
  • Mintbase: Integrated VR with 3XR, enables everyone to create and share spatial content. So creators can now present their store not in its 2D format but via their own Virtual Gallery.
  • PunksOnPolygon: Users can now collect and trade PolygonPunks, inspired by the first NFT project on Ethereum known as Cryptopunks. So the big question is, do forks hold any value from the original NFT project?