88.8% of all BTC has been mined on March 8th. I mean that's probably some sort of bullish indicator - right?

Be sure to keep one eye on the US stock markets today, should let us know if Bitcoin will be having a green weekend. Don't you love the Friday fever?

A classic BTC Monday shakeout or much worse? Pack it up boys, it's all over, hope you took some profit. See you in four years.

It appears the whole industry is checking the price of BNB, CAKE, XVS, and SXP every five minutes. Meanwhile ETH is still... yep.

What is DEFLA Protocol? DEFLA is an elastic supply token with rebasing mechanisms that feature proven laws of economics and game theory.

Projected annual inflation rate for the US Dollar in 2021 is 2.24%, just a little higher than usual. Much lower than you may have thought?

What is Kylin Network? Decentralized Oracle Network on Polkadot, building data infrastructure for the DeFi economy, powered by KYL token.

What is Frontier? A Chain-Agnostic DeFi aggregation platform powered by FRONT token. Use DeFi products on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

What is Hippo Finance? Community governed DeFi hedge fund. Users can stake Hippo tokens to earn rewards and decide where to invest as a collective. Future plans for a bridge to Polkadot ecosystem.

Latest dExplain newsletter: exploring cross chain DeFi platforms Polkastarter, Flamingo Finance on Polkadot and NEO, Interview with Vite, upcoming SashimiSwap vaults.

Polkastarter is a DEX for cross-chain token pools, the next DeFi innovation. Using Polkadot for low fees, will it be bigger than Uniswap?

Interview with Team Dock before their mainnet launch discussing the project's vision, use cases for verifiable credentials, future plans, and more. Enjoy reading!