What is API3 Token? A decentralized API network, alternative approach sourcing external data for smart contracts, solving the oracle problem.

What is Band Protocol? Review of BandChain's approach to a decentralized oracle network for smart contracts. BAND Token Explained.

Understanding Chainlink in 5 minutes. Here we go over Chainlink's decentralized oracle model and use cases for LINK token.

Zap Protocol brings oracles for data, tokenization of anything, and bonding curves. Here we ask if ZAP is the Ultimate DeFi Developer Toolkit?

What is Kylin Network? Decentralized Oracle Network on Polkadot, building data infrastructure for the DeFi economy, powered by KYL token.

What is Oraichain? Oracle platform for connecting smart contracts with Artificial Intelligence models. Powered by ORAI token for payments.

How does the Tellor Oracle work? What is Tellor? Decentralized oracle network that incentivizes sourcing data with mining. TRB token review.

What is DIA? Open source oracle platform for sourcing and validating data streams for the decentralized finance (DeFi) economy.