Halloween Special
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Halloween Special

Overview of spooky themed cryptocurrency updates and limited NFT drops in our Halloween special! Feeling spooky today? Enjoy reading!
Halloween Special

Boo! Will you be going trick or treating today?

Not to worry if you’re stuck inside because of the global pandemic, there are lots of fun Halloween themed news to explore in the crypto world. Plus so many digital artists are dropping limited crypto collectibles that might come back to haunt you.

Park your broom and sit for a spell. Here is a collection of updates and NFTs that caught our eye. Enjoy reading, drink your potions, and Happy Halloween!

Things To Explore

Where to trade?

Here are my favourite crypto exchanges, use the referral link for atleast a 10% discount on your trading fees.

  • Bybit - Currently, this is my favourite platform! Great liquidity and bonuses for deposits.
  • Delta Exchange - Good for a degen account, no KYC required but low liquidity.
  • Binance - Lots and lots of spot altcoin pairs, especially BTC pairs.
  • KuCoin - Great for longer small cap holds.

Halloween NFT Spotlight

Note that most of these are animated, so do open them up on OpenSea to take a full look!

  • Name: Monsters in My Wallet series
  • Where to buy? OpenSea
  • Artist: Sinchen