Latest dExplain newsletter: exploring cross chain DeFi platforms Polkastarter, Flamingo Finance on Polkadot and NEO, Interview with Vite, upcoming SashimiSwap vaults.

Interview with Richard Yan from Vite Labs, discussing how Team Vite operates, benefits of trading with zero fees on ViteX, and growing community excitement around Vite Gateway 2.0 upgrades.

Vite Labs announces the decentralized exchange ViteX will feature zero fees stablecoin conversions with the latest Vite hard fork.

What is Vite chain? VITE is a DAG based smart contract platform that enables fast cryptocurrency transactions with zero fees, along with staking rewards and more.

Follow latest Altcoin mainnet launch dates that will move crypto markets. Keep your eyes on QTUM, ARK, VITE, DOCK, STX and STPT for day trading profits.