What is Syntropy? NOIA Token Explained
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What is Syntropy? NOIA Token Explained

What is Syntropy? Aims to create a privacy first user centric internet through decentralized smart traffic routing, powered by NOIA Token.
What is Syntropy? NOIA Token Explained

Syntropy aims to build a user-centric internet featuring built-in encryption and optimization. The technology is compatible with the existing public internet and will act as a unifying layer. Perhaps the easiest way to think of Syntropy is to compare it to a Layer 2 solution for increasing a blockchain’s speed and scalability – but for the internet.

What is Syntropy?

Once live it will remove bottlenecks of legacy infrastructure and increase internet connection speeds tenfold. It does this through smart routing technology, known as Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP). DARP is a network of nodes running on every major cloud network worldwide, along with thousands of community nodes. As a result, Syntropy gains a global way to understand and measure the internet’s performance. Essentially, the network will send traffic through its optimal paths and sidestep slow legacy routes. Additionally, there is an economic incentive for increasing performance as node runners will be paid in NOIA tokens for how much traffic they can relay.

Syntropy mainnet launch?

After the project’s recent rebrand, Syntropy is gearing up for its first mainnet launch on January 5th. Developers will receive full access to the Syntropy stack and be free to build on the network’s unifying layer. As a result, these applications will be optimized-for-performance and encrypted-by-default. The team hopes this will kickstart the transformation of the public internet, creating its decentralized economy, powered by the NOIA token.

NOIA Token Model: the token’s primary use case is for payments. Users will pay with NOIA tokens to access services on the Syntropy Network. Furthermore, they will be able to choose between a subscription model or to pay according to their bandwidth usage. For smoother onboarding, the platform will feature exchange gateways to enable users to pay in USD directly.

Syntropy Platform: the team’s first product is for large enterprises, it will enable the team’s to seamlessly create secure connections between their endpoints. Given that businesses already spend billions of dollars every year on networking large amounts of traffic around the world. Consequently, the idea is that this initial use case will drive early demand for NOIA tokens.