Yfv Finance launches VALUE and Governance Vault
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Yfv Finance launches VALUE and Governance Vault

Yfv Finance launches VALUE token and Governance Vault staking is live. A new era for the team attempting to migrate liquidity from Balancer.
Yfv Finance launches VALUE and Governance Vault

Yfv Finance’s community voted at 99.87% agreement to migrate YFV to VALUE. This vote follows a plan to launch Value Liquidity, which would be a fork of Balancer. Currently, the platform uses Balancer in the backend for pools. Meaning liquidity providers deposit assets in Balancer pools and then stake BPT to earn rewards in YFV. With Value Liquidity and rewards being issued in VALUE token, the platform opens up their roadmap for further growth.

Next on the roadmap is Vault products, namely the much-anticipated Governance Vault. Which has just launched!

What is YFV’s Governance Vault?

Presented as a supercharged yield farming technique, the Governance Vault looks to create a new DeFi strategy. Essentially, it will combine many aspects of the YFV & VALUE ecosystem together to generate value. Users can stake YFV tokens, which automatically enter farming and lending strategies. Stakers will earn several benefits: voting power, vUSD + vETH, and also rewards in VALUE tokens.

More importantly, Governance Vault Stakers can look forward to earning a percentage of the profits generated from all future Value Vault strategies.

It has not all been glory… the Yfv Finance developers recently had to admit to a colossal error. They permanently lost access to over $250k worth of BAL tokens in a contract. Originally, the plan was to use the ecosystem’s BAL rewards to buy YFV tokens on the market.

  • YFV is the first farming protocol whitelisted to earn BAL. This mistake might make Balancer wary of giving future farming protocols rewards.

Looking to the future… YFV is trading on several high volume exchanges such as Bithumb Global and Huobi Global. Hopefully, they will confirm support for the token swap to VALUE for added attention. All the eyes should be on their upcoming Vaults products. If these can provide high APY for deposits, then the users will come. As more value is locked up in the platform, the more attention VALUE will receive from bigger industry players.