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Vaults? Farms? Gas? WHAAAAT?

dExplain newsletter is now one month old, hope you are enjoying the content so far! We would love feedback, let us know? We have started publishing DeFi guides focused on yield farming and liquidity mining, which are great for sharing with your less informed friends. In regards to markets, Bitcoin is growing, be careful with your Altcoin positions. Enjoy reading!

Start Balancer Liquidity Mining to earn BAL tokens

how to balancer liquidity mining and earn BAL rewards
Start Balancer Liquidity Mining to earn BAL tokens. Here we look at one of the easiest DeFi strategies, liquidity mining on Balancer to earn BAL tokens.

Yfv Finance launches VALUE and Governance Vault

yfv value launches governance vault staking
Yfv Finance launches VALUE token and Governance Vault staking is live. A new era for the team attempting to migrate liquidity from Balancer.

What is Harvest Finance? DeFi with FARM Tokenomics

what is harvest finance? New DeFi platform with FARM tokenomics
What is Harvest Finance? A DeFi yield farming platform with FARM tokenomics, profit sharing, and more.

Furucombo let's you save gas for your DeFi strategies

yield farming tutorial and tips, use furucombo to save on Ethereum gas fees and optimize your strategy.
Furucombo let's you save gas for your DeFi strategies. Here we will learn how to create our first combo, which will swap to stablecoin, supply to Curve, and start farming CRV tokens. All in one transaction!

Also take note

  • Money go BRR: A new DeFi platform has launched called Printer Finance, where you can earn PRINT for staking Uniswap LP tokens.
  • Cream Finance: Binance has listed CREAM token, after the platform launched on Binance Smart Chain earlier this week.
  • Dock Network: In preparation for their mainnet PoA launch Dock has updated their website. We will be interviewing their team later this week, so stay tuned for updates!
  • Yam Finance: Yam is gearing up for V3 of their re-launch after a security audit by PeckShield.

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