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Looks like every trader is busy watching the news for Trump updates, might be a good time to diversify your assets. The answer could be hedging your funds with crypto art and collectibles? Let us know on Twitter!

PieDAO Introduces DOUGH Liquidity Mining

PieDAO introduces liquidity mining
PieDAO, a project for asset management through tokenized portfolios, has launched its liquidity mining campaign for DOUGH tokens. DOUGH is PieDAO’s governance token, by holding the token you’re a member of the DAO and can participate in governance. Importantly, DOUGH holders vote on all matters related to the indexed portfolios.

What is PieDAO? PieDAO enables the creation of an entire portfolio to be in a single token. This can include exposure to both crypto and traditional synthetic assets. The tokenized portfolio allocations are known as PIEs. The idea is to make entering and managing DeFi portfolios much easier. With an abundance of DeFi tokens, that all have their different mechanisms, things can quickly become overly complicated. With PIEs you can diversify your digital asset allocation through buying one tokenized basket. For example, a popular PIE is DeFi+S which aims to give holders exposure to a basket of small-cap DeFi tokens: BAL, LRC, REN, UMA, PNT, and MLN.
Different PieDAO PIE's users can buy for DOUGH liquidity mining.
Traditional investors will note the similarities to an index fund or ETFs for diversified portfolios in a single asset. However, traditional finance products are rent-seeking by nature and come with high annual fees. More negatively, ETFs follow strict allocations for the underlying assets that cannot change quickly (if ever). PieDAO has minimal fees that go to DAO members (DOUGH token holders) through profit sharing. Additionally, with community voting, the index allocation weights or assets change on the fly.

How to farm DOUGH tokens? Currently, there are two different Balancer and one Uniswap pool that can earn you DOUGH rewards:
  1. DOUGH/ETH (Balancer 80/20)
  2. DeFi+S/ETH (Balancer 70/30)
  3. DeFi+S/DAI (Uniswap v2 50/50)
Farmers need to add liquidity to one of these pools and then stake those liquidity tokens to start earning rewards. The PieDAO pool management interface is very easy to understand and let's you manage your farming.
PieDAO liquidity mining DOUGH tokens is easy with the asset management interface.
During the first week, 250k DOUGH tokens are split pro-rata between liquidity providers who stake their LP tokens. Afterward, the liquidity mining distribution will go down to 150k DOUGH weekly.

Be aware that the bulk of the rewards are going to the DOUGH/ETH pool, to bootstrap the new token’s liquidity. Therefore, for farmers happy to take risks we recommend the DOUGH pool as it can potentially provide higher returns. However, for risk-averse farmers, the Uniswap pool will have minimal impermanent loss as it is a stablecoin pair.

What is LuaSwap? Liquidity Protocol by TomoChain

LuaSwap is new automated market maker and farming protocol by TomoChain
LuaSwap is emerging as an upcoming multi-chain automated market maker (AMM) by TomoChain. Inspired by the hot trends of yield farming and liquidity mining, such as Balancer and UniSwap, TomoChain is launching its initiative to grab a share of the DeFi market. At its core, LuaSwap appears to be a copy of SushiSwap, however, the team has pledged to focus on growing liquidity of emerging smaller tokens. Additionally, to become a multi-chain protocol by launching on another low-cost public chain. Currently, they have not specified which one, but it seems certain it would be TomoChain, looking at their governance portal.

What is LuaSwap? LuaSwap is an AMM based decentralized exchange for token swaps. The protocol enables liquidity providers of certain pools on Uniswap to farm LUA tokens. Aiming to support smaller pools and not fight for liquidity with top tokens, LuaSwap will provide farmers with new opportunities.
What is LuaSwap? Cross chain defi farming by tomochain.
Furthermore, the platform has gone through security audits by TomoChain unlike many of the risky DeFi food-themed clone tokens.

LUA’s is the protocol’s governance token, holders will be able to decide on which tokens the platform supports, and on all future cross-chain development.

Fair launch… We draw similarities to SashimiSwap with team aelf behind them for funding. As a result, LuaSwap launched with no seed investment, founder’s fees, or pre-mine.
  • Given the plan to go after smaller pools of emerging tokens. It appears that LuaSwap is looking for projects that will be much more open to migrating to TomoChain. Not a bad plan, and beneficial for all parties involved.
Sustainable tokenomics… To attract early adopters, there will be a period of hyperinflation where block rewards have a 128 times multiplier. However, to incentivize farmers to stay long-term LUA’s token follows an in-built one-year vesting schedule where 75% of rewards are locked.

What is MEME token? NFTs Farming Guide

What is MEME token? Guide to NFT farming
What is MEME token? NFT Farming Guide. Learn how you can stake MEME tokens to earn Pineapple, used for farming unique NFT crypto collectibles.

What is CryptoPunks? The First Crypto Collectible

cryptopunks the first NFT on Ethereum
What is CryptoPunks? The first crypto collectible deployed on Ethereum. Credited with inspiring the CryptoAre and NFTs movement we see today!

Also take note

  • Value Liquid: has successfully tested their Balancer migration code, so the launch will happen very shortly.
  • Mask: let’s you encrypt any message on social media platforms, that only your friends can decrypt – check it out.
  • Swipe: Governance is now in the hands of SXP token holders, and the first proposals are already being voted on.
  • Ocean Protocol: you can now participate in Ocean Data Farming, a liquidity mining campaign where providers can earn rewards in OCEAN tokens.
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