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Woke up richer. Good Morning! Innovation in DeFi makes new leaps every week, but it seems all it takes to move a market is one company buying Bitcoin.

Value DeFi Protocol Migrates $140M Liquidity from Balancer

value defi protocol and vampire attack
Value DeFi Protocol has successfully migrated $140M in liquidity to its own automated market maker (AMM) known as Value Liquid. As reported, Value Liquid is an innovative AMM featuring flexible farming to earn liquidity providers higher rewards. During this time the project also rebranded from Yfv Finance to Value DeFi Protocol. The new branding is to send a message that the project is well beyond being a simple yield farming protocol. As a result, the team no longer wishes to be seen as YFI-clone given they are developing a full suite of DeFi products.
Value DeFi Protocol new branding.
Value Liquid Not Your Average AMM. The new swapping protocol immediately shot up to being a Top 5 DEX by total value locked. Within the first 12 hours, trading volume rose to $4M which would rank Value Liquid around the 15th position in the DeFi space. Attention appears to be growing around the new protocol, especially given that the VALUE governance token is nearly fully issued so there are no fears of over emission. Additionally, token holders stand to earn a percentage of trading fees from all the trades.
value liquid top five DEX
Upgrades from Balancer… It is important to note Value Liquid is not just a clone protocol launching a vampire attack. The platform solves several problems with Balancer’s code, such as adding support for Tether USDT and other mainstream ERC20 tokens.
  • Future plans during phase 3 include migrating liquidity off Uniswap and Sushiswap. If successful, this could make Value Liquid the biggest DEX by TVL.
Built for partnerships… Excitingly projects will soon be able to launch their own liquidity mining programs powered by Value DeFi. Value Liquid will support the creation of custom farming pools to distribute new yield farming tokens. Consequently, the platform could replace Uniswap as the number one DEX for token launches.

What is Vampire Protocol? Gamification of a Stablecoin

what is vampire protocol gamification of stablecoin
What is Vampire Protocol? Gamification of a Stablecoin. VAMP is the first DeFi token that rebases off price and volume movements.

Dharma Adds Uniswap Limit Order Feature

Dharma smart wallet adds limit orders for uniswap
Dharma adds Uniswap limit order feature. Already Dharma users enjoy gas free trades, decentralized limit orders allow more control over price.

What is Shell Protocol? Flexible Liquidity Pools

what is shell protocol? dynamic flexible liquidity pools for defi
What is Shell Protocol? An automated market maker with flexible liquidity pools. DeFi pools that can adapt post creation!

Also take note

  • MetaMask: Now has over 1 million users, definitely fueled by their release of a mobile wallet application.
  • Travala: Recently launched AVA token on Binance Smart Chain, perhaps a rewards token for using the platform? Check it out!
  • Andre Cronje: After an increasing amount of death threats the famous developer behind YFI token has disappeared.
  • RottenSwap: The token ROT is trending again on Coingecko and twitter following the release of an additional farming platform called Nicee.
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