What is Autonio? NIOX Token Review
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What is Autonio? NIOX Token Review

What is Autonio? Here we take a look at the NIOX Suite trading tools, AI powered SmartDEX, and review NIOX's token use cases.
What is Autonio? NIOX Token Review
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Autonio Foundation develops a suite of products to improve DeFi liquidity which they see as the main barrier to mass adoption. The team aims to equip users with smart trading tools that enable anyone to crowdsource liquidity intelligently. Here we will take a look at what Autonio is building, their vision for an AI-powered algorithmic trading future, and review NIOX’s tokenomics.

NIOX Suite

Currently, we find four main products in the NIOX Suite:

  • NIOX Swarm: A crowdsourcing approach to liquidity provisions across all order book-based exchanges (centralized or decentralized). It makes it easy for anyone to set up a campaign and reward participants (liquidity providers).
  • Intelligent Market Making: The team developed IMM to solve the problems seen in Automated Market Makers (AMMs) such as Uniswap. Using AI-powered market making to increase efficiency mitigates the losses caused by impermanent loss and high slippage.
  • NIOX Maker: This is an algorithmic market-making tool with smart features that protect users from one-way flow or black swan events. It’s easy to set up, supports three different strategies, and is powered by thousands of data points.
  • SmartDEX: An AI-powered decentralized exchange deployed on Polygon (Matic Network) for instant peer-to-peer trading with low network fees. Furthermore, the platform will be 100% compatible with all of Autonio’s upcoming AI trading tools.

NIOX Tokenomics

The NIOX token powers the ecosystem, it has a total supply of 315M, here is a quick list of its use cases.

  • Access: the portal has tier levels that decide which trading and market-making tools you can use. To summarize, the more NIOX in your wallet the better indicators you will be able to access.
  • Lower Fees: Holders can also enjoy lower fees on the NIOX Smartdex and DAO members have zero fees.
  • Marketplace: The platform will also support monetization of trading strategies, tools, and bots with NIOX as the main currency for buying/selling. Through the team’s partnership with SingularityNET, we expect to see a strong market of AI strategies and robo-trading bots emerge.
  • Governance: DAO members participate in decision-making, enjoy extra perks on the platform, and can participate in staking. Every year 15M NIOX is issued to DAO members, proportionate to their stake.

Firstly, there is a strong incentive to hold NIOX to retain continuous access to the platform’s full set of Market Maker and Algotrader tools. Secondly, there is a minimum 300k stake requirement to become a DAO member. As a result, the demand for NIOX tokens will increase organically over time as the platform’s userbase grows.

Looking to the future

The upcoming AI network is the release to look out for from Autonio. This tool will enable anyone to quickly apply machine learning models to their trading strategies. Essentially, it will break down barriers for using automated trading tools which are often very complicated to set up. The team sees a future where regular users can implement algorithmic trading strategies in a couple of clicks, gaining an edge in the crypto markets.

Layer2 & Multichain: Autonio is more than ready to integrate Layer 2 solutions to deal with Ethereum’s scalability issues given its partners: Loopring and Polygon. Additionally, we can expect to see more cross-chain collaboration with Elrond and TomoChain.

  • Just some food for thought: NIOX sits at a low $12M market cap and doesn’t have a tier1 exchange listing yet. We see lots of room for growth here!

NIOX Farming: Currently, users can participate in liquidity mining programs via the NIOX/ETH pair on Uniswap. In the future, NIOX farming will happen on Smartdex which will help attract larger trading volumes to the platform.