What is Alpaca City? Platform aims to grow DeFi adoption through gamification of Yield Farming with NFTs in the form of cute Alpacas.

Don’t Buy MEME: The Rug Pull. This project will auction 12 identical NFTs. Programmable art, one contains an entire BTC, do you unlock it?

What is Async Art? Programmable Crypto Art, trade NFT artworks that can update dynamically over time and react to their owners.

ETHITEM: A New Token Superstandard on Ethereum? A token standard ITEMs for NFTs that will be a bridge to the DeFi economy, built by DFOhub.

What is NFTfi? Marketplace for NFT collateralized crypto loans. A DeFi lending platform using non-fungible tokens such as Crypto Art or Collectibles as collateral.

What is Gameswap? DEX for trading in-game assets. Users will be able to mint their in game assets as NFTs for decentralized trading and cashouts.

Overview of spooky themed cryptocurrency updates and limited NFT drops in our Halloween special! Feeling spooky today? Enjoy reading!

Hippo Finance announces NFT Farming. Users will farm or buy rare Hippo Cards. Stake NFTs with power levels to boost user's farm APY.

What is BooBanker? Deflationary Yield Farming with Spooky NFTs. Stake Uniswap LP tokens to earn BOOB, transfer to earn ECTO, use both to farm NFTs.

What is Pepemon Finance? A DeFi platform for NFT mining for crypto collectibles that mash together memes, pepes, and pokemons.

Aavegotchi’s GHST staking is live, start earning FRENS points which you can reedem for unique crypto collectibles in raffles.

What is Non-Fungible Yearn? DeFi yield bearing vault products where your rights to stake are tradable through an NFT. Earn NFY tokens.