Covesting’s Top Strategy Shocks Traders With A Staggering Record 10,000% Profit
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Covesting’s Top Strategy Shocks Traders With A Staggering Record 10,000% Profit

Covesting’s Top Strategy on PrimeXBT cryptocurrency exchange shocks traders with a staggering record 10,000% profit. Sign up today!
Covesting’s Top Strategy Shocks Traders With A Staggering Record 10,000% Profit
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A few weeks ago, word made its way around the cryptocurrency community, referencing a Covesting strategy that had reached over 2,000% in total profit. Then, rumors had mounted suggesting they had made it to nearly 6,000%, and after Bitcoin’s latest push beyond $16,000, Covesting’s top trader has reached a milestone 10,000% profit in just 76 active days of trading.

The Strategy Manager now has over 1200 followers and has grown their capital from a meager beginning to over 200 BTC worth of trading power between follower equity and their own. The top trader’s record being shattered, combined with news that a limit on follower equity being established, has caused widespread FOMO as traders and investors rush to Covesting before all the top spots are filled up.

Number One Covesting Trader Reaches 10,000% ROI, Four Out Of Five Stars

Although the trader appropriately named NO 1 has been at the top of the global Covesting leaderboards for some time now, no one would have expected the results they have achieved recently.

The feat happened just as Bitcoin blasted above $16,000, suggesting that NO 1 perhaps went long Bitcoin and by using the leverage provided by PrimeXBT was able to maximize performance.

Since the start of November, NO 1’s total profits have spiked from around 2,000% to over 10,000%. After reaching the critical level, some slight pulling back has ROI on the strategy hovering around a respectable 9800%. During this time, they were also able to reach four out of five stars, a rare feat in and of itself, highlighting both consistent success and risk management.

Initial Followers’ Equity Cap Creates FOMO In Covesting Leaderboard Top Ten

Recently, PrimeXBT introduced a new max cap on “Initial Followers’ Equity,” essentially imposing a limit on how much capital followers could add to any one strategy.

The move was made to improve the overall safety of the platform by preventing any one strategy to trade with too much follower capital, putting it at unnecessary risk. It will also encourage a more diverse and competitive Covesting platform, as followers will be required to spread capital around. Strategy managers will be even more encouraged to entice capital by maintaining a healthy success rate and low risk metrics.

But within days of the cap being imposed, the top trader referenced above reached his limit. A massive wave of FOMO began, and not even weeks later, almost the entire Covesting top ten is all booked up with follower equity. As intended, it has caused followers to spread capital around and forced followers to look deeper down the rankings for diamonds in the rough.

Covesting’s five-star system is designed to help do just that, with the better the star rating, the safer and more consistent the trader’s earnings. As the limits keep getting reached, the five-star system will become even more pivotal to finding the right strategy to follow.

It Is Never Too Late To Follow Covesting Strategy Managers On PrimeXBT

Fear is a powerful emotion, and followers fear missing out on getting on these top strategy managers on Covesting, and rightfully so. These traders are the best prepared to profit from the upcoming Bitcoin bull run and the turbulence in traditional markets like stock indices, oil, and gold trading.

Covesting takes the guesswork out of profiting from markets by letting users copy the trades of top strategy managers ranked transparently by profitability for all to see. Followers can use the metrics included to make informed decisions on who to follow.
With the limit imposed clearly causing a surge of new users, the top ten will soon be filled to the limit with follower equity. But because of the five-star system and the sea of competition in trading, and the ever-growing peer-to-peer network that is the Covesting copy trading module, it is never too late to register to PrimeXBT and begin following a Covesting strategy today.

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