Swipe Network launches Staking with 12% APR
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Swipe Network launches Staking with 12% APR

Swipe Network launched staking on binance with 12% APR. Swipe mainnet will launch 28th August amongst an endless supply of bullish SXP news.
Swipe Network launches Staking with 12% APR

Over the weekend, Swipe launched a new staking program for SXP with Binance. Users holding their SXP on Binance in Spot Wallets will automatically enroll in the program, earning up to 12% APR. Meanwhile, Certik, a blockchain security team, cleared the staking smart contracts for the mainnet and a 28th August launch date has been set.

Endless bullish news for Swipe?

After our earlier posts detailing reasons why Swipe’s move into DeFi with Binance Chain was positive, the bullish news has not stopped.

  • Upbit Global listing.
  • Mainnet launch date set.
  • Swipe Wallet available to all US (minus NY)
  • Binance USA listing.
  • DeFi lending products with Binance Chain.
  • Band Protocol partnership for decentralized oracles.
  • The mysterious SwipeX product.

Investors are taking notice: Swipe Network is not missing a beat, all the news is bullish and investors are taking notice. As of today, SXP is trading around the $3 mark and is up by over 53% over the last 30 days. Furthermore, their Visa cards (available for EU and UK residents) are now completely free which will increase orders. All eyes are now on what the SwipeX product announcement will be.

Looking ahead… the wallet becoming available to US residents and Binance USA listing for SXP should be seen as particularly bullish news. This means Swipe is making progress on the regulation requirements needed to make their Visa card available to US residents. In fact, they have mentioned orders will be open soon.