All Eyes on Dock’s PoA Mainnet Launch
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All Eyes on Dock’s PoA Mainnet Launch

Dock Network is building in the Polkadot ecosystem, in the blockchain data sector. PoA mainnet launch will happen in September, take note!
All Eyes on Dock’s PoA Mainnet Launch

While excitement for Polkadot is growing around the industry, as it does not face the same scalability concerns we currently see on Ethereum. Many projects that are building and part of Polkadot’s ecosystem seem to be flying under the radar. Dock is one of those very projects! Dock’s PoA mainnet launch is scheduled to happen during September, so now is time to take note.

What is Dock?

Dock aims to facilitate issuing verifiable credentials using blockchain technology. They are building the open source infrastructure and tools that will solve universal problems with legacy data solutions. Such as gate-keeping, incompatibilities across multiple platforms, inaccurate information, inefficiencies with verifying data and an overall lack of privacy for users.

Understanding the value… take job hunting for example, you have to sign up with LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and many other websites. You spend countless hours filling in the same information, copy pasting your resume everywhere. Now imagine you create your profile on Dock, your data is now secure and decentralized. Job hunting businesses can now purchase this data using DOCK (as long as you opt-in!) and find your profile. Everyone’s life is easier, its a win win.

  • To help on-boarding and adoption, Dock plans to use oracles to calculate the price of data compared to the rate of DOCK. As a result, the price of data will remain stable.

Big Data means Big Money: There is a lot of competition, in the Polkadot ecosystem alone, we count 8 projects working to connect the data economy with blockchain. So we can’t say for sure if Dock will become the industry standard. What we can say is mainnet launches bring attention, which translates into new buyers. You do the math.