What is CORE? Locked Liquidity Farming
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What is CORE? Locked Liquidity Farming

What is CORE? Locked liquidity farming with a unique DeFi deflationary token, that remains sustainable long term!
What is CORE? Locked Liquidity Farming

Core Vault is a yield farming protocol built to execute profit-generating strategies on DeFi autonomously. Its governance token CORE will enable holders to vote and decide how the protocol will use locked funds to generate returns. CORE is a unique deflationary token, and this reward token takes an entirely new approach towards farming distribution.

What is CORE?

Users can stake or unstake their Uniswap LP token at any time. However, they can’t ever convert their liquidity tokens back into CORE or Ethereum. Essentially, this means that all tokens providing liquidity are in a lock – forever. This reduces the circulating supply to add additional buying pressure. Furthermore, traders are flocking to the token as the design makes a rug pull exit scam impossible.

As the fixed total supply is only 10,000 – the token has drawn many comparisons with small-cap DeFi tokens such as Yearn Finance (YFI). As of the time of writing, CORE is trading around $6,081 with a market cap of $60M. Furthermore, the platform’s smart contracts have been audited by the Arcadia Group.

Innovating DeFi

Sustainable farming rewards… Another unique approach is that all the farming rewards distributed to stakers come from a 1% transfer fee on token sends. Which means CORE’s farming operations are sustainable long term without any inflationary concerns.

  • As users have to farm with LP tokens that are locked, it also removes the common problem with whales who appear and leave overnight. These are farmers who do not care at all about the project but leverage their huge portfolio to earn a lot of free coins to dump.

Liquidity generation event… CORE’s launch was also very interesting. All the tokens were put inside a smart contract where investors could deposit ETH, however, it was not a pre-sale. All the funds were then transferred to Uniswap to create liquidity, and LP tokens went back to the initial supporters. They could then start farming!