What is Pepemon Finance? Gotta Farm em All!
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What is Pepemon Finance? Gotta Farm em All!

What is Pepemon Finance? A DeFi platform for NFT mining for crypto collectibles that mash together memes, pepes, and pokemons.
What is Pepemon Finance? Gotta Farm em All!

Pepemon Finance is a DeFi farming platform to earn non-fungible tokens featuring artwork inspired from a mashup between memes, pepes, and pokemon. Essentially, it is an NFT mining project much like Don’t Buy Meme or Grap Finance.

What is Pepemon Finance?

Meant to be the very best, like no one ever was.

A platform that brings together DeFi staking and NFT farming with an alternative universe where all the rare Pepes of the world are Pokemons. The platform’s native token PPBLZ was entirely distributed by airdrops to 300 users – known as Trainers. Users can stake PPBLZ on the platform to earn PPDEX, which will enable you to farm NFTs. It appears that PPDEX is a standard tradable ERC20 token, so you could potentially buy it directly. But, it has very low liquidity – so staking is your best bet to get involved.

Furthermore, the artwork itself looks great and VERY trend/crypto-friendly. As in the community may go into a frenzy to acquire these Pepemon NFTs. As they will be tradable on open markets such as OpenSea or Rarible – it will be very interesting to watch the price of the crypto collectibles.

Pepemon Roadmap

Blockchain Card Game… though there is no confirmed roadmap, it appears that the end goal is to build a Pepemon card game. This would probably resemble a game such as Gods Unchained with Pokemon Card Game rules. If the dev team can pull it off, it will be great to see (and fun to play!).

  • One thing to note is the total supply of PPBLZ is very low, only 14,000 – meaning if the project gains traction the upward price momentum will come very quickly.

Liquidity Mining Program… Currently, you can earn more PPDEX if you provide PPBLZ-ETH liquidity on Uniswap and stake the LP token. Meaning if you’re happy to be a liquidity provider you will be able to earn more NFTs in the long run.