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Newsletter #1

Start of the week! Welcome to our first newsletter, moving forward we plan to send one out Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We will cover a wide range of cryptocurrency news to keep you up to date with market trends, along with analysis and our opinion. If you like the format let us know by sharing with your friends. Enjoy reading!

Also take note

  • Qtum Hard Fork: Upcoming Qtum mainnet hard fork is scheduled to happen on the 28th August, which will enable Cold Staking. Qtum recently announced an aggressive move into the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Augur Roadmap update: REP has been trending upwards since the launch of Augur v2 and now the team has published part 2 of their Master Plan.
  • Elrond Token Swap: During September, ERD will migrate to the new eGLD token. Along with Bitfinex exchange listing, more Maiar users, and potentially new announcements at the Brands Minds 2020 summit.
  • 0xProject: Team 0x launched a new p2p exchange called Matcha in June. DEXs with off chain orderbooks and layer 2 scaling solutions such as Loopring are doing great due to the Ethereum network costs. Evidenced by LRC recent price trends, we expect ZRX to soon follow the trend.