What is Ark Blockchain? ARK Token Review
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What is Ark Blockchain? ARK Token Review

What is Ark Blockchain? Latest news about Ark Core v3, MarketSquare and Deployer. In depth ARK token review to understand the ecosystem.
What is Ark Blockchain? ARK Token Review

The Ark Crew is scheduled to deploy Ark Core v3 to mainnet before the end of Q3 2020. This will implement some of the biggest upgrade to the Ark ecosystem to date. Here we will take a look at what is Ark blockchain, take a quick ARK token review and dive deeper into Ark Core v3. Excitingly, Core v3 will enable the launch of two new products MarketSquare and Deployer. MarketSquare will be the new hub of the decentralized web. Deployer will enable any one to launch and manage their own blockchains with a couple of clicks. Amazing milestones for worldwide blockchain adoption.

What is Ark Blockchain?

ARK is a decentralized ecosystem focused on building tools that will bring blockchain to the masses. The idea is to achieve this through a perfect user experience. While many platforms have copied Ethereum, the Ark blockchain has taken a different approach. Instead of building dapps with smart contracts, ARK’s sandbox ecosystem enables blockchain creation in just a couple of clicks. ARK has also built numerous SmartBridges to other blockchains. Thus solving the problems of interoperability between networks, along with supporting various programming languages to onboard developers quickly.

Quick ARK Token Review

ARK is the platform’s native currency, currently, it can be used to pay for various mainnet services.

  • Recent Price: $0.49
  • Market Cap: $60M
  • Circulating Supply: 123,055,683 ARK
  • Total Supply: 151,526,580 ARK
  • All-time-high: $10.22 (Jan 10th 2018)
  • All-time-low: $0.033 (Mar 22, 2017)

The main trading market is ARK/BTC with the most liquidity found on Binance exchange.

Deeper Dive: Ark Core v3

When? ETA is Q3 2020 (by September 30th)

The Ark blockchain originally launched in 2017, it is not a new project by any means. The next upgrade is the biggest Ark update to date. The upgrade will feature completely new architecture for the Ark Core Framework. Along with setting a new standard for modular development within the blockchain industry. Much of the updates are technical and developer-focused. But to summarize, the main gist of the upgrade is that there will be many more options for BridgeChains.

Currently, when launching on on the platform you are stuck following the ARK voting system. Once live, the upgrade will let businesses choose models that suit their project: PoW, PoS, or a different logic entirely. Node management will be possible from a new Dashboard GUI. Which will be a big improvement over having to use a command line tool.

More excitingly and perhaps much easier to understand the value, Ark Core v3 prepares the network for a new product. MarketSquare aims to be the new face of the decentralized web. A hub where users can create their profile discover new crypto businesses, DeFi applications, and blockchain – along with ratings! Will be interesting to watch the Ark ecosystem grow in Q4 with the release of new flagship products.

Stay safe and trade well!