What is YieldWars? Enter the DeFi Arena
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What is YieldWars? Enter the DeFi Arena

What is YieldWars? Enter the DeFi Arena to fight for yield farming rewards, earn WAR tokens in glorious battle.

In YieldWars what starts as a farming protocol on Ethereum quickly turns into a DeFi Battle Royale as you enter the arena. The platform adds a gamification element to yield farming, where the rewards token WAR is not just used for governance purposes.

What is YieldWars?

Every day two crypto communities face each other in a battle of glory, a popularity contest decided by voting. This is done by staking WAR tokens to enter the arena, which allows you to vote for your crypto champion. Champions are other popular DeFi tokens such as VALUE, BASED, PICKLE, or CORE. Essentially, it is a staking pool where all users will receive daily yield rewards in the form of WAR tokens proportionate to their stake.

However, if you do vote for the winning team then you will earn 50% of the loser’s daily yield also. Also, the earlier you vote, as in the sooner you charge into battle, the more rewards you can earn!

How does YieldWars work?

First, you need to acquire WAR tokens, which you earn via liquidity mining in various pools or by buying on Uniswap. However, once a battle season is going the only farming pool available is to stake ETH-WAR LP tokens.

Once you have your WAR tokens, you need to head over to the Battle page for staking in the WARchest. Remember to connect your favourite wallet to the website.

After the transaction confirms you will be staking and earning daily rewards. More importantly, you can now vote!

The good thing is you only need to stake one time for the battle season. Voting does not require any continuous unstaking or staking of your WAR tokens. In the current landscape of high gas fees, it’s great to see devs thinking making design decisions that incur as few transactions as possible.

Battle Rules

  • Your initial stake is never at risk, the battle is over your daily rewards.
  • Battles end at 15:00 UTC daily and start again at 16:00 UTC.
  • If you’re on the winning side, then you win 50% of the loser’s rewards.
  • Votes and rewards are proportionate to how much you stake in battle when voting.
  • If there are two battles ongoing, you have to vote in both.
  • Unstaking before the end of a battle season will incur a 1.5% fee, which is immediately shared amongst WAR stakers.
  • Leaving a battle before it ends means all your votes and rewards for that day are forfeit.

Looking to the future

WAR is a governance token, which means the platform’s future development is community-driven. Recently, the team highlighted the creation of The YieldWars Foundation which will set in place a grants program to further the ecosystem’s development. Perhaps following the steps by Harvest Finance’s grant program, which have been well received by the crypto community.

There are 2,800,000 WAR tokens total, and after Season 2, all of the tokens allocated towards battle rewards will be distributed. So there is no fear of infinite inflation causing the WAR market to collapse from over emission.

What about future rewards?

For Season 3, the team is planning to also add a competitive speculation platform. Essentially, enabling users to place bets on which cryptocurrencies will win in the arena via prediction markets. Excitingly, future platform upgrades will add more parameters for deciding the winner. Such as which token had the most volume or higher price average over 24 hours. The idea is to implement a 10% house fee on betting which will fund future rewards for battles, or go towards a buyback and burn program.

Additionally, there is talk of launching NFT mining and Stablecoin Vaults to generate extra yield for potentially higher rewards. To summarise, it looks like a great time to become a WARLORD!